I Dare You

In her compelling personal talk, Sarah Khan dares the audience to take a chance to get to know a Muslim, just as she dared to reach out to the very people she feared as a victim of Islamophobia. Sarah Khan is a Public Speaker, Trainer & Activist. Her ongoing work in engaging local communities in confronting Islamophobia has brought her to schools across Southern California, to TEDx, Al Jazeera’s online channel, local newspapers and guest spots on local television, radio, as well as a feature in Forbes Magazine.

The Wonder of Music

Music has precious and life-giving capacities. It can offer comfort, inspiration, and life energy. It can help us express or channel our feelings, cross cultural boundaries and serve as a faithful companion throughout life. Join us for this service to explore the life giving essence of music.

Guided by Wonder

“When the going gets rough, turn to wonder,” wrote philosopher Parker Palmer. When life events seem unfathomable and difficult, how can we use wonder and curiosity to spark new insights? Join us to explore how wonder about the ordinary and mysterious occurrences in life might guide our way.


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