Courageous Living

March 18 – Courageous Living – Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn
Life presents us with many challenges. We need courage in the face of illness, loss, divorce, unemployment, poverty, depression and many other circumstances. For some of us it takes courage just to get up and face another day. Today we will be exploring how to find courage when the path forward is daunting or unclear. Where and how do we find the resources to live courageously?


Our Courageous Youth

Our young people today are faced with a fractious, scary, fast world. It takes tremendous courage to grow up in this time of 24/7 media, non-stop communication and alienation. Join us as some of our High School YRUU group, also known as the Young Religious Unitarian Universalists, share their stories of how and where they find courage to face the difficult task of becoming adults in today’s world.

Spiritually Courageous

Our mission says we are ‘spiritually courageous people’. But what does it actually mean to be spiritually courageous? This week we explore how to delve deeply into theology, ask ourselves hard questions, and perhaps find some courageous answers. We may even dare to explore the multi-faceted, powerful word ‘G*d’! Join us to find out!


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