Second Chances

Survivors of life threatening illnesses or circumstances are given the opportunity at a second chance. Our healing, our renewed life is a gift that allows us to look at existence with fresh eyes. How does healing impact our lives, so we can take the lessons and grow? What does survival teach us about living? During the first service, we conducted our Child Dedication, where we celebrated the gift of new life in our beautiful CVUUF children.

Healing Amidst Heartbreak

After the horrific shooting in Las Vegas this week and the many tragic events happening around the country and in our own lives, we look at how we might find comfort and healing amidst all the heartbreak. Where do we find solace amidst life’s great brokenness? Join us to gather for a service focused on healing and loving kindness.

Becoming Whole

Each of us has times in our life when we feel under siege by challenges and hard times. Speaking about and to these experiences can be difficult. Yet, doing so is what brings us the care and support we need to find healing and return to a sense of wholeness. Join Lora Barnett, a Hospice Chaplain and aspiring UU Minister, as she explores the possibility of speaking our way to wholeness through the saving power of community. Lora has been serving as Acting Minister at the San Luis Obispo Fellowship this summer and before that served as the Intern Minister for the Live Oak congregation in Goleta.


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