President’s Message

Welcome to our new rotating column in News and Notes and on the website! As Board President I will be writing the second week of every month, after Reverend Nica begins the month’s rotation in the first week. She is a wonderful writer, getting practice each week writing sermons; but I am not so … Continued

Minister’s Message

Welcome back to the new school year and the beginning of the official church year. With that we are beginning our new News & Notes format, where every week there will be a short column from one of the leaders in our Fellowship. Watch your weekly News and Notes email for important messages from your … Continued

Racial and Cultural Justice Ministry Team

Racial and Cultural Justice Ministry Team Mission:  Grounded in the core values of our faith, the Racial and Cultural Justice Ministry Team seeks to increase multicultural competence within ourselves and the congregation and works to overcome racism in all its forms in our community and nation.   Upcoming events… Friday, June 15th – 7:00 p.m. … Continued