• Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn


    Expanding minds, softening hearts, and transforming lives is Reverend Nica’s calling as a Unitarian Universalist Minister. She is passionate about Unitarian Universalism and its capacity to offer hope, meaning, and purpose, embedded in loving community. Despite growing up in an atheist household in Germany and England, Nica became a lifetime seeker always wanting to live … Continued

  • Joel Rieke

    Music Director

    Joel is thrilled to have found a new home in the CVUUF family. As music director, pianist and educator he has worked in churches for 20 years. He is passionate about sacred community and enjoys incorporating music from a variety of genres, cultures and traditions as well as his own works from time to time. … Continued

  • Dianna Mueller

    Office Administrator

    Dianna has extensive experience with both bookkeeping and office management. Her schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am – 4pm. She is also at the Fellowship two Sundays each month.

  • Samantha Dickerson

    Director of Religious Education

    Sam began at Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship as Assistant Childspace Coordinator in 2005.  She has worked with special needs children in the classroom and home setting for many years. True to her philosophy of Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship not being a cookie cutter church for children, Sam believes that each child has their … Continued

Board of Trustees

  • Tom Wolf


    Tom joined CVUUF in 2013….  Tom’s biography … TBD

  • David Barker

    Vice President

    David has been a UU and member of CVUUF since 1993. In that time He has served on several committees including finance, annual retreat, auction, pledge and several terms on our Board of Trustees in the capacities of president, vice president and trustee at large. His involvement has also included teaching OWL, co-facilitating a Chalice Circle and chairing … Continued

  • Peter Schlaus


    Peter joined CVUUF in 2007.  Peter’s bio … … TBD.

  • Kathleen Holland


    Kathleen joined CVUUF in 2008.  Kathleen’s bio … … TBD.

  • Arlene Bloom

    At-Large Trustee

    Arlene has been a member of CVUUF since 1987. She joined the Fellowship when her children were young, in order to provide them with a liberal religious identity in a predominately conservative community. She taught in Sunday School for years and ended up finding a religious home for herself along the way. She have served on the Board, including … Continued

  • Kelly Castillo

    At-Large Trustee

    Kelly joined CVUUF in 2013.  Kelly’s bio … is TBD…

  • Tim Snowber

    At-Large Trustee

    Majoring in Religion in college, Tim came to feel that the Catholic Church wasn’t a good fit for him. The more he learned about various world religions, the more uncomfortable the fit became. Over the years, he attended services at a number of churches, but none of them felt like the right place. It wasn’t … Continued

Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn

Ex-officio Member of the board.

Council of Directors

  • Pam Lopez

    Outreach Director

    Pamela joined CVUUF in 2004…  Pamela’s biography … … TBD

  • Bart Allan

    Operations Director

    Bart joined CVUUF in 2010.  Bart’s bio … … TBD … …

  • Nancy Cooper

    Membership Director

    Nancy joined CVUUF in 2015.  Nancy’s bio … … TBD.

  • Jake Holland

    Communications Director

    Jake joined CVUUF in 2008.  Jake’s bio … … TBD.

  • TBD

    Outreach/Growth Director
  • TBD

    Safety/Security Director

Samantha Dickerson

Education Director.

Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn

Ministry Director and Convener of the Council.